I don't have Internet at home, what can I do?

If you currently do not have an internet service in your home, both Zitomedia & Windstream are offering 60-Days of Free Internet to residents in Elk County.

Zitomedia can be reached at 814 781 1466, Option 2 for Sales

Windstream can be reached at 800 600 5050

Alternatively, the following places could be of assistance:

The SMASD Guest WiFi is available in the parking lots (Close to our buildings) of most SMASD Buildings.

The St Marys Public Library is offering Free WiFi which can also be obtained within their parking lot.

Zitomedia has opened its WiFi Hot Spots to the public. The following areas have coverage: Chestnut Street Park, Memorial Park Upper Parking Lot, Berwind Park, Benzinger Park, Gunners/Foxes Parking Lot, Downtown St Marys in front of Boys & Girls Club, Kersey Park.

Alternatively, the following solutions may be available to you:

Verizon & AT&T have added additional data to users Cellular Plans. You may be able to tether your Chromebook to the WiFi Hot Spot off of your smartphone.

OnStar has enabled 3GB per Month of Free WiFi Access on OnStar Equipped vehicles with WiFi Capabilities for the next three months.


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